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This is a legal document which sets out how handles data which identifies you. You should read it in conjunction with the mygolfexperience Terms and Conditions, of which this Privacy Policy forms part.

At, we believe strongly in protecting the privacy of our usersí personal information. This statement describes the privacy practices we apply for the mygolfexperience Service. As part of that, it also expresses our approach to complying with the data protection laws which apply in the United Kingdom. If we change this Privacy Policy, we will notify you of the changed document in the same way as we notify changes to the Terms and Conditions.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact the customer service department via the feedback on the home page.

1. The information we gather and monitor

Information gathered on registration. When you register for the mygolfexperience Service, you provide your email address, your screen name, password and other optional information about yourself that you wish to record ("Registration Information"). They are available to you, and capable of being changed, through the my profile page.

Cookies. We use small files known as "cookies" to enhance usersí experience of the mygolfexperience Service as follows:

  • To hold Membersí login information, so that your email address is displayed when you visit the mygolfexperience Service. This option can be turned on by ticking the "Remember Me" option on the home page.

  • To facilitate optimal use of the mygolfexperience Service by Members, by means of a temporary "session" cookie. These cookies disappear when the Memberís browser session ends, or if the Member clicks the "logoff" button which appears on the mygolfexperience menu.

  • Third party cookies may be used on some parts of the site. They may be used for tracking the success of advertising campaigns. These cookies are normally permanent. Blocking of third party cookies by users will not affect the functionality of the website.

2. Sharing and use of information

  • The over-riding principles we apply are these:

    • We, and (where relevant) our credit card processing agents, will not supply your personal data to a third party for commercial exploitation Ė thus, you can rest assured that we will not sell the lists of our Membersí email addresses to a third party; and

    • the only circumstances in which we will provide any of your personal data to a third party for non-commercial purposes are those contained in this Privacy Policy.

  • Registration Information. Only you and can access your personal information on the my profile page. On the my profile page, you can select any other members who may have access to your email address and golf scorecard(s).

  • Email addresses. We do not directly make your email address available to anyone on any screen of the mygolfexperience Service. The only legitimate way of making contact with a golfing partner found on the mygolfexperience Service is where the golfing partners email address is already known to the member.

  • Advertising. The mygolfexperience Service may include interactive advertising for other businesses. We may use, and provide to third parties, anonymised demographic data provided by Members to target this advertising more appropriately.

  • Newsletters. We may from time to time send members newsletters. You can opt out of these through changing your details on the my profile page.

  • Credit Card information. There has been a lot of publicity about Credit Card security on the Internet so we decided to use HSBC Bank plc, who operate a secure server, to process our credit card payments. They encrypt Membersí credit or debit card information and authorise payment directly. This means that Membersí credit card details are never revealed to us. HSBC Bank plc may transfer to, process and hold your credit card information in countries either within or outside the European Economic Area in connection with performing their duties.

  • Companies in the mygolfexperience group. We may share data supplied by you (or collected about you) with our subsidiaries and other companies in our group, but only for the purposes described in this policy.

  • Changes in mygolfexperienceís business. If all of the assets which uses to operate its business (or substantially all of them) are acquired by a third party, we may transfer personal data we then hold to that party.

  • Place of processing. The personal information held by us is held on and processed by computers situated in the United Kingdom.

3. Security

We have security measures in place to protect our customer database and access to this database is restricted internally. However, it remains each Memberís responsibility:

  • to protect against unauthorised access to my profile;
  • to ensure against use by anyone else of the mygolfexperience Service through the machine that Member uses while they are "logged on" to the mygolfexperience Service;
  • to log off or exit from the mygolfexperience Service when not using it; and
  • to keep his/her password secret.

4. Opt-out policy

We provide Members with the opportunity to opt-out of receiving e-mailed Newsletters which they have previously opted to receive. This opt-out can be effected by making appropriate selections at Your Details.

5. Disclosure for legal reasons

We reserve the right to communicate a Memberís personal information to third parties who seek the disclosure of it, and who make a legally-compliant request for its disclosure.

6. Contacting

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with mygolfexperience, you can contact us here. You can also use this address if you wish to request from a copy of the personal data we hold about you or a description of that data. Please note that by English law we are entitled to charge you a small sum for providing this information.

7. Links to third party sites

Our site contains links to other sites. mygolfexperience is not responsible for the privacy practices, or the content, of those web sites.

8. Data Protection Information

You can obtain further information about data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissionerís website at You can search for our Data Protection Notification there, should you so wish.

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Register now and record your scorecards

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