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Understand your golf game

Improve your Golf Handicap and Golf Game

Pin-point areas of your golf that impact your game.

Golf Handicap

Online record of your handicap and standard.

Handicap Calculation
- updated each round you play.

- print a record of your current golfing standard.

- graphical trending of your handicap record.

Course Handicap
- your handicap for each course played

Golf Statistics

Full statistical evaluation of your golf game from tee to green.

Graphically analyse your golf game from tee to green and identify where you can improve your golf.

Driving club, distance, direction.

Clubs used, Approach shot, distance & result.

Distance of putts, how many putts taken, putting percentages.

Scorecard Tracker

All your golf history in on place.

Store all the rounds of golf that you play so that you can analyse your game.

Net and stableford points calculated for you and displayed in a simple graphical format.

Filter for a specific course/club to see how you played your last rounds.

Golf Friends

Record rounds with friends.

Track rounds that you play with friends and golfing partners to see your performance over time.

Entering a golf scorecard

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Golf Driving Statistics
Fairways Statistics
Putting Statistics

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